Lola Marsh released their debut album “Remember Roses” last week and we talked with them about their debut and inspirations.

Your debut album “Remember Roses” was released last week. Could you tell us about the things that affected you in the creation process?

A lot of things affected us from the writing process to the recording of the album, such as bands we love like Bon iver, Tame impala, festivals we performed in, and the people we were working with, we drove inspiration from those places and characters and learned lots of lessons along the way. Surrounding yourself with good people and to know that patient is a very important thing.

What do people think about the album up to now?

Since the album has been released, we are getting lots of amazing and warm messages, from people all around the globe! It is so touching and exciting for us to read these messages on our social media pages. We’ve been touring for a long time without an album, and to have something in your hand, that you can finally give to your audience, is priceless.

“Wishing Girl” and “She’s a Rainbow” are my personal favourites. May we learn the stories behind these songs?

The story behind our song “Wishing Girl” is a funny story, it all started with a birthday gift. Yaeli made for Gil’s birthday, it was the whistle and a some lyrics with a different melody. When Gil heard this tune, he said to Yaeli: “Wow! Wait a minute, I think we have a potential song here.” And then we sat and added parts, and changed it to a real song!

The story behind “She’s a Rainbow” is kind of personal. But generally speaking, it’s about points of view and how we see ourselves and our surroundings.

While creating a song, what comes first for you? Lyrics or melody? How does the creation proccess work for the band?

Our writing process is very dynamic and is changing from song to song. We both write the songs. Sometimes we start with the melody and sometimes with the lyrics. sometimes Gil has an idea for a chorus and sometimes Yael has an idea for the verse. sometimes we work with the band on the arrangements and sometimes Gil is recording a demo alone in his home studio.

We get inspired by many things in our writing process, it can be movies, artists, people and places we’ve been to.

You say that one of your biggest inspirations for your music is movies. Is there any movie which inspired a song in Remember Roses?

We get inspired from many movies and soundtracks in general, but there is no specific movie which affected a specific song of ours. We can say that we love western movies and the sound and atmosphere of these movies helped us creating our song “Sirens” for example.

Now that we talked about cinema, what are your 5 favourite soundtrack albums of all time?

Pulp Fiction, The Sound of Music, Amelie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, For a Few Dollars More

We know that you have been on tour for a long time. How does it feel to be on the road? While travelling, do you discover different kind of music, too?

We love to tour! We usually do it with all of the band, and it’s such a good feeling to tour with your friends, like a little family.

We get to beautiful places, meet interesting people from all over the world, we see stunning landscapes, and discover great new music. Of course sometimes it’s not easy, and you miss your bed, and your friends back home, but we do feel lucky – that we’re doing what we love to do on a daily base.

As a Tel-Avivian duo, what can you tell us about the music scene in the city? Could you recommend us some local bands?

The music scene in Israel is so wide and diverse, you have everything- Pop, Folk, Electronic, Hip hop, Jazz, Rock. There are lots of great bands such as “A Collective”, “Tzlil Danin”, “Shefita”, “Less Acrobats” and many more.

So many great albums were released this year. Do you have any favourites or inspirations?

The new album of Bon Iver “22, A Million” is beautiful.

So, are there any surprises in the near future? Like any upcoming record or a collaboration?

In the near future we’ll be touring all around the world, promoting our new album. We’ve been waiting for this moment for such a long time, so now that it’s here we’ll be focusing on the album. Of course, we’ll keep on writing new material all the time.