Slowes is about to release their first EP “Times” which will be out May 26th.

Jack and Anders met by chance at a party and they are ready to carry their music journey to next level. With their first EP “Times”, Slowes will definitely get the attention of music scene very fastly.

Before the release of “Times” we spoke with Jack (lead singer) about their EP, plans and their inspirations.

Credit: Baijie Curdt-Christiansen

There is limited information about Slowes on web, may we learn your story as a band?

Yeah, me (Jack, lead singer) and Anders (drums) actually met by accident. I was at a birthday party and suddenly the doorbell rang. We opened up and these dudes were looking for a party but they had gone to the wrong one. We invited them inside and they looked like some guys who play music. Me and some friends asked if they wanted to share a rehearsal space and they wanted to. One of those guys was Anders. We bonded and a few years later we started Slowes together.  

You’ve just released your new single “Anymore”. I also wonder about your debut album. Is there a release date?

Our debut EP “Times” will be out May 26th. We have a few video releases later in april also. 

Lyrically, your songs are really good. Do both of you take part in writing proccess?

Thank you very much. Well, I (Jack) write the most of the music and all the lyrics. I then send the demos to Anders who then tells me what works and doesn’t. Anders is one who I trust fully when it comes to artistic expression. I have never met a person with such good taste in music. 

I discovered Slowes with “I Need You”. Would you mind telling the story of the song?

(Jack) I moved back from Copenhagen to my hometown Aarhus because I had to study songwriting at The Music Academy. I was in a relationship which most of the time took place over the phone because of the distance between us. I hated it and felt that we weren’t part of each others lives. 

Your latest single “Anymore” is a bit different than your previous releases. How would you describe your music?

Yes. First off we kept being referred to as chill-wave. We’re much more than that and this is something people will find out with the EP-release of “Times”. 

It’s alternative-pop. It’s more edgy and is rooted in all kinds of genres. “Anymore” has some references to 80’s Fleetwood Mac and modern Blood Orange. 

What do you think about local music in Copenhagen? Is it satisfactory? Would you recommend us a few local bands?

The music-scene in Copenhagen is really booming at the moment. The quality of songwriters who are able to cross the borders to foreign countries hasn’t been so high ever before. Denmark is a very small country and therefore everybody knows everybody – sometimes it gets a bit claustrophobic too. 

But yeah, our friends from Silvester, The New Family, CHINAH, Smerz, The Love Coffin and The Vice are all great acts.  

As you know, this year so many great albums were released. Do you have any favourites or inspirations?

I’m actually writing an assignment about it as we speak. 2016 was the most fucked up year ever. In a good and bad sense. The world is changing politically and artistically and that can also be seen by the latest releases. I’m mostly referring to the bigger pop-releases. It has now become cool again to be political and experimental. 

Frank Ocean – Blonde
Beyonce – Lemonade
Solange – A Seat At The Table
Blood Orange – Freetown Sound
Kendrick Lamar – How To Pimp A Butterfly
Rihanna – ANTI
Kanye West – The Life of Pablo
James Blake – The Colour in Anything
Bon Iver – 22, A Million

These albums made a great impact on us. There’s been a focus on singles the last few years and it seems like that tendency is shifting now. The “album” format could come back – maybe in a new way.